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We all love the south park movie

We all love the south park movie, but you should try to make original something yourself. This is no different from uploading a clip from the movie.

I just saw this in 4chan /f

My major complaint about the flash is that it keeps repeating the exact same visual sequences over and over again. This means you just animated a few sweeping motion tweens, then just repeat everything over and over and over and over again as the song repeats its lyrics. It's just that something like this takes far too little effort to make.


There was nothing new, original, or funny about this movie.
Even Zero Wing Rhapsody managed to make me laugh a few times, but this one couldn't even make me smile.

Sonucais responds:


It's a clock movie.

It's equivalent to "B", and has no effort put into it. Therefore it gets a zero.

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CherryCokeClock responds:

shut da fuk ^

Funny in a badly made way

Most of the humor of this flash comes from the fact that it's the exact same thing repeated 3 times. Same bad artwork, same nuclear explosion, same "Happy _____" message at the end. Happy tooth fairy to you too.

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TJN001 responds:

cool. i did symbol swap as funny joke on youks

This is how NOT to make a fanimutation.

It had very slow tweening, very slow scenes, uncompressed audio, no hyper speed action to accompany the fast-paced audio, and boringly long scenes. It also used way too much Mario&Luigi sprites, with no other variety.

Sorry TmsT, but this one sucks.

This sucks. Repeating the same lines again and again makes it bad.

TmsT responds:

Don't be sorry, just watch the original "Zero Wing" intro (from the game) and soon the absurdity of the clumsy Engrish will enlighten you.

My god this sucks!

This is terrible! No humor, no point, no randomness. Just pointless violence with nothing decent to back it up.
Try making flash that's funny.

It's about time someone made this...

It's about time someone made an animation to that song! It's a nice movie that fits the music really well.

Some Gripes:
It would be a lot better if the SHADING DID NOT MOVE INDEPENDENTLY OF THE CHARACTERS. That's just weak. My other nitpick is the motion tween style looked too motion-tweeny, too linear, unlike cartoon motion.

Get-lost responds:

Okay I'll think of your tips =D

The full house bit at the end was great, but...

You forgot to include the OTHER Duke Nukem from Captain Planet!

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TmsT responds:

No no, you are mistaken! I would never forget that! He's in there. He gets one whole frame to himself. (Hint: Look in the bit with The Wiggles.)

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